Friday, May 13, 2011

Where's the beef?

This is Daniel passing on a note from Marae offering to bring beef for a dinner for all of us:

 Since I am driving to Chico I will have room to bring stuff.

For me:  the main point of the trip is to spend time with family and all the kids to get to know each other, what better way/time than eating together.

so...   I want to bring enough meat to have a cook out together at least one night or two, I could provide all the hamburger and steak or roast.  I could also bring our ice cream makers :)  can't have a family get together without homemade ice cream, especially in the summer.  Someone else can provide some sides (potluck).   It would sure be fun to eat dinners together.

I might even bring a pinata for the kids.


Chico currently has a “no outside fires” policy, so we are checking into the possibility of a grill for cooking hamburgers, otherwise we'll figure something out. There isn’t a set day for the cookout yet.  If it doesn’t happen Monday, it’ll probably be Tuesday.....

This picture is a reminder for the Arizona crew to bring warm clothes.  
It was late May, and Yellowstone can be surprisingly cold in the middle of summer.

Big Sky or Bust!

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