Saturday, April 23, 2011

He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed! 
Happy Easter from your friendly neighborhood Chico Blog!
 Plus, a fun B.C. comic for the occasion.
Heaven or Bust! 
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daniel's Daily Plans

Kyria the Chico Trip Webmeister headed for St. Louis and Oklahoma, foolishly leaving the keys to the blog in less trustworthy hands for over a week.....

In case you've been wondering what to do each day of the Chico trip, here are Daniel's ideas:
Sunday, June 26th:  Check in, hot springs pool, walk to the trout pond 15 minutes up the hill behind cabin 604.  Pizza in the afternoon/evening between chalets 601 & 602.

Monday, June 27th: Old Faithful.  It’s a long drive, and I like wandering around the geyser basins, so this will be an all day excursion.  Don’t miss the Firehole Canyon Drive on the way there.

Tuesday, June 28th: Flying in the morning, either local sightseeing or taking kids for rides.  Whitewater rafting in the afternoon.  Hot springs pool in the evening.

Chico Hot Springs from the air.

Wednesday, June 29th: Beartooth Highway, from Silvergate toward Red Lodge.  I’ve never driven this road, but the alpine scenery is highly rated, and the road reaches 10,947 ft. in elevation.

Thursday, June 30th:  Yellowstone Falls & Tower Falls.  Dinner in the Knowles room at Chico Hot Springs.

Friday, July 1st: Check out.  Airplane camping somewhere in Idaho or Montana before heading back to Arizona.

What I’d do if I had 1 more day:  Hiking.  Either up the hill from Chico Hot Springs, or up Mill Creek Canyon just north of Chico.  

I've been facing serious flak over missing the scenic float trip on Wednesday, so the Beartooth Highway trip might slide to Friday.

This itinerary is subject to change, so it'd be wise to check for last minute updates if your goal is to avoid seeing Daniel on any given day....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are we there yet?...Are we there yet?...Are we there yet?...

There are so many awesome things to do in Chico, but before the fun can start we have to get everyone up to Montana! Just to get an idea of the collective distance we all have to travel to get there, each little star on the map below marks the starting location of someone coming to Chico. (the big star is Chico itself) Note: We are feeling the love, everyone is coming from so far away for 'ittle 'ol us!  Thanks everyone!  We hope you all will love this vacation much as we do.  To be blown away by how far you have to travel click on the map below.

Road Trip!

For those brave enough to venture to Montana by car, we have some basic info and maps for you below, as well as a movie clip to instill confidence in your decision to drive. 

The address for the resort is:
1 Old Chico Road, 
Pray MT 59065
Either enter this address or "Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa" into google maps or mapquest and it will get you there.

For some fun ideas of scenic routs and interesting stops to break up the monotony, check out this website with interactive maps here, or click on the map below. 

Since everyone lives in different directions it's a bit hard to map out a specific route here, but if you need any help, have any ideas of things others might want to know about, just comment here or send us an e-mail. Also, look for our next post Getting there via small airplane and our future posts with fun stuff for kids to do in the car. 


Our Current lineup for Rafting is: 
White Water:
  • Alicia Rovey
  • Karina
  • Carsten
  • Jonathan Rovey
  • Nathan Rausch
  • Kathy Rausch
  • Samuel
  • Abigail
  • Joel
  • Daniel Rovey
  • Renee Rovey
  • Angela Ramnanan
  • Naveen Ramnanan 
  • Tim Wolf
  • Sandy Wolf
  • Ashley Wolf
  • Stephanie Wolf
  • Matthew Wolf
Scenic Rafting:
  • Renee Rovey
  • Wonga Wolf
  • Olivia Wolf
  • David Wolf
  • Liam Ramnanan
  • Matthew Rovey
  • Trevor
  • Leah
  • Cindy Rovey
  • Ron Rovey
  • Ruth Helen
  • Nathan Rovey
  • Nicole Rovey
  • Amanda
  • Emelia
  • Seth Baker
  • Kameryn Baker
If you aren't on the list and want to be, just let us know! For more info check out this post.

Big Sky or Bust.