Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love Bites

 One of the main reasons this trip got stared was to celebrate Renee and Daniel’s ten years of marriage! So, in honor of them and their enduring love for one another we are hosting a dinner on their anniversary, Thursday June 30th  in the Knowles room of the lodge (more on this in a later post). This is an all expenses paid*, come as you are dinner! 

We ask for your help in making this dinner super special for Renee and Daniel! We have a choice of two adult entrées for the meal and wanted to give you the opportunity to pick your own. Please read the descriptions below and let us know which entrée sounds super yummy to you! There is also one choice for the children’s meal for those ten and under, so no response is needed for kids, unless there is an allergy concern.

Both adult dinners feature fresh vegetable medley, Chef’s choice of starch, tossed Chico Garden Salad with house dressing, Chico breadsticks and fresh baked bread & butter. So, without further ado, your mouthwatering dinner choices:

Choice One, Beef Tenderloin
Choice One: Beef Tenderloin, cooked to medium. This is an 8 oz. filet mignon lightly rubbed with toasted fennel and coriander, grilled, served over a Fonseca Port reduction, lightly finished with gorgonzola.

Choice Two: Pork Tenderloin, served with polenta and apple chutney.

*Alcohol is not included with the dinner, so please bring some extra cash if you are of age and would like to purchase a beverage from the bar. 

Children’s Dinner: Roast Beef Plate. Sliced roast beef served with mashed potatoes and Chef’s choice of vegetables. The dinner also includes tossed Chico Garden Salad with house dressing, and fresh baked bread & butter.

Please reply with your choice of adult entrée by May 30th
We look forward to having you join us for the celebration of Renee and Daniel’s ten years of marriage! May they have many more happy years together! 


If you signed up for a reservation with Renee and Daniel and have not called Chico and changed your reservation over to your credit card number, please let me know and I can help you get that switched over soon.

Also here are the current lists of those going on the rafting trip. If you would like to join us there are spots still available for both trips. (We are really close to having the 20% discount on both trips so pressure your friends to come along too!)

White Water:
·                     Alicia Rovey
·                     Karina
·                     Carsten
·                     Jonathan Rovey
·                     Nathan Rausch
·                     Kathy Rausch
·                     Samuel
·                     Abigail
·                     Joel
·                     Daniel Rovey
·                     Renee Rovey
·                     Angela Ramnanan
·                     Naveen Ramnanan 
·                     Tim Wolf
·                     Sandy Wolf
·                     Ashley Wolf
·                     Stephanie Wolf
·                     Matthew Wolf

Scenic Rafting:
·                     Renee Rovey
·                     Wonga Wolf
·                     Olivia Wolf
·                     David Wolf
·                     Liam Ramnanan
·                     Matthew Rovey
·                     Trevor
·                     Leah
·                     Cindy Rovey
·                     Ron Rovey
·                     Ruth Helen
·                     Nathan Rovey
·                     Nicole Rovey
·                     Amanda
·                     Emelia
·                     Seth Baker
·                     Kameryn Baker

Big Sky or Bust! 

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