Friday, May 20, 2011

General Info

Hey Chico Trippers! Just a note with some general info about Chico, so you can start getting the lay of the land and thinking about what you need to plan for. 

  • Weather up in Montana for the end of June averages between the mid 70s to the 40s (the resort website says 73/44). Be prepared for nice weather bust also some chilly temps, Chico's elevation is 5,300ft after all. It's probably a good idea to have a sweater/sweatshirt or light jacked around especially in the morning and evenings. (also check out the weather app to the right for the current weather conditions at Chico) 
Time Zone
  • Chico is in the Mountain Time Zone (see above for the Chico Clock to see what time it is there) which means most of us will either gain or lose a few hours. Just be sure to change your clocks over when you hit the border. 
  • Chico has internet access in the following areas. 
    • Wireless:
      • Main Lodge Lobby
      • The Chico Saloon
      • Lower Lodge Rooms (Suites 405, 406 & 410)
    • High speed Ethernet connections
      •  Warren Wing (Room 114)
      • Fisherman's Lodge (Room 802. 803, 808)
      • Convention Center. 
Hot Springs Pool
  • Chico Hot Springs has two open air mineral hot springs pools which are open from 7am to 11pm daily. The larger swimming pool has an average temperature of 96 degrees Fahrenheit and the smaller soaking pool has an average temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Here's a link to the hot springs page for more info.
  • I know it's a long trip, and especially when traveling with small children laundry is sometimes a necessity. For those of you without laundry capabilities, Chico does not have laundry facilities, but there are some down the road at Emigrant for when those emergencies arise. 
Big Sky or Bust!!

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