Saturday, June 11, 2011

Info on Yellowstone and Montana Kids.

Hey Guys! We're getting down to two weeks! Here are a few links and some info to gear up for Yellowstone so you can have an idea of what you might want to see before we get there and all head off on grand adventures! 

First, you can find the Yellowstone National Park website here:

More detailed general info can be found in the Yellowstone Trip Planning Guide here:

The Entrance Fee for a private, noncommercial automobile is $25 which gives you a 7 day pass, for both Yellowstone and Grand Teton national park. 

The National Park Trips website is a little bit more interactive and includes information on creating an itinerary, fun stops, routes to Yellowstone, important stops around the park and both informational and fun maps like the one below:

Disney Family, surprisingly enough, also has some great ideas to get kids of every age ready to tour Yellowstone. They include information on trails, places to eat and stops that can accommodate all ages along with some fun activities like the word search below. Check it out!

Print off this word search to get your kids excited to visit Yellowstone!
Montana Kids
Since we will also be having fun in Montana, parents might want to check out for fun facts and activities relating to the state of Montana. What fun would vacation be if we didn't learn something! 

Big Sky Or Bust!

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