Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gear Up for Montana: The Next Chapter

So, those illustrated books about Montana were pretty cool, but what about us more advanced readers? Part two in the Gear Up for Montana book list is for kids hooked on chapter books (generally grades 4-8 but it just depends on the unique skills of your reader. If you have younger readers it might be fun to read some together.) So, here they are: (again, let us know if you have any additions, suggestions or comments.) 

The Growling Bear Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #61) by Gertrude Chandler WarnerWhile on vacation in Yellowstone the Aldens search for an old cabin that holds some hidden gold and run into trouble along the way.

The Mystery at Yellowstone National Park (Real Kids, Real Places) by Carole Marsh 

"Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa snowmobile into Yellowstone National Park to encounter mud pots, geysers, bison, beauty, bears, volcanic action, and a mystery of historic proportions!"

The Hunted (National Parks Mystery Series, 5) by Gloria Skurzynski"The Landon family has come to Montana's Glacier National Park to help figure out why grizzly cubs are disappearing, but for 12 year old Jack, the real mystery is his sister Ashley's strange behavior...what was she doing in the woods alone so early in the morning? and why did she lie to their parents? A chain of heart-pounding events bring Jack and Ashley face-to-face with an enraged mama grizzly and they find themselves running for their livesas they become the hunted."

The Absolutely True Story...How I Visted Yellowstone with the Terrible Rupes by Willo Davis Roberts
"Twelve-year-old Lewis thinks he's the luckiest kid around when he's invited to go to Yellowstone with his next door neighbors the Rupes, who eat junk food, don't assign chores, and seem to do exactly what they want. He even gets his twin sister, Alison, invited so that she can take care of the younger Rupes. Yet the freedom gradually loses its appeal as the days pass. Mr. Rupe's ineptness in driving a vehicle this large is downright scary, Mrs. Rupe leaves all the child care to Alison, the entire family appears uninterested in any of the sights along the way, and the motor home seems to be attracting two menacing men who follow them cross-country."

Wolf Stalker (National Parks Mystery Series #1, Yellowstone) by Gloria Skurzynski "In this fast-paced adventure, the Landon family trails a wounded wolf in Yellowstone National Park. The park is abuzz with rumors of a wolf attack. Meanwhile, a killer stalks the woods. Unaware of the danger, Jack and Ashley are more concerned about rebellious teenage foster child, Troy Haverson. From the opening moments at Old Faithful through 48 action-packed hours, the tension builds: What is lodged in the wolf's radio collar? And what is the meaning of the Native American story of Sin-a-Wavi? "

Eye of the Great Bear by Bill Wallace "Dubbed a "coward" by the bullies in his school, Bailey will prove his courage when his family moves from Texas to Montana and he faces down a grizzly bear in order to save his own sister, in a turn-of-the-century adventure."

Montana: Portraits of the States by Jonatha A. BrownA factual look at Montana as a state for those readers who love knowing the minute details.

Montana: The Treasure State (World Almanac Library of the States) by Kris Herschmann From the World Almanac Library of the States, another book of facts about Montana for those insatiable fact finders.

More than Petticoats: Remarkable Montana Women by Gayle C. Shirley (young adult)Stories of fourteen remarkable women from Montana's past. A a look at some of the history of the area and of the women who helped shape the state. 

Starlight Comes Home (The Starlight Books #6) by Janet Muirhead Hill (young adult)"Now a teen, Miranda finds there is more to life than her horse, but nothing as important as knowing Starlight, her black stallion, is safe and at home."

Coyote Stories of the Montana Salish Indians
"Here are traditional Salish Indian coyote stories, recorded by Salish elders and illustrated by Indian artists from the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana.
Written at a fourth-grade level, these legends are meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages - from three to eighty-three - just as they have been for generations among the Salish, who often gathered together to listen to these stories during the cold, dark Montana winters."

River of No Return (Choose Your Own Adventure #178) by Vince Lahey"You're on a whitewater rafting trip along Montana's Anacasta River. Plunging through the rapids in a rubber raft is exciting--and dangerous. There's a reason why the Anacasta is called the River of No Return. Go one way, and you'll have a safe trip down the river. Go another, and you'd better be wearing your life vest!"

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